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Travel Vaccinations & Travel Clinic NYC

Dr. John Adams of New York Dermatology Group’s Travel Clinic is a highly experienced physician in the field of Travel  Vaccinations .  Prior to your trip, he will provide you with an in-depth consultation and administer or schedule the vaccines and other medications you will need to stay healthy and worry-free while you’re away.  

Dr. Adams is a Doctor of Internal Medicine with broad knowledge of the causes of and preventative measures for travel-related afflictions.  Some of the more common travel vaccines and medications he routinely advises for international travelers include:

Yellow Fever Vaccination NYC

Typhoid Fever Vaccine NYC


Consult with Dr. Adams for Updates on Your Destination.

Epidemics travel too, so vulnerable destinations should be checked prior to travel.  If you are planning to visit a region of the world that is currently experiencing a surge in a specific illness, it is in your best interest to know ahead of time and take precautions. And of course not all of the risks are dire, but contracting an illness while abroad can be extremely uncomfortable.  In 2010, diseases less threatening than malaria and typhoid still affected many countries of the world.  There were outbreaks of measles in Argentina, mumps in Canada, meningitis in Brazil, hepatitis B in India, cholera in Thailand.  Sometimes all that’s required to protect you and your family is a booster shot.  If you will be traveling within the next six months, safeguard your health by visiting our specialist in travel medicine.

To book an appointment with Dr. Adams, please call New York Dermatology Group at 212.533.8888.

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